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Mediterraneo's new Venetian glass designs mix modern and classical styles

Mediterraneo has introduced a new selection of exciting and ambitious designs in Venetian glass. The portfolio, a dynamic mix of chandeliers, pendants and tablelamps, and including an extensive wall light story, displays influences acknowledging leading figures from twentieth century art alongside classical jewellery styles.

Resonating with an emerging interest among artists and designers in glass as a fragile yet commanding material, this new exploration in a renowned, centuries old tradition, bridges these creative disciplines to dazzling effect..

Since it was established in 1994, family-run, Italian owned Mediterraneo has worked hand in hand with the maestros on the island of Murano, creating exceptional custom works in Venetian glass for residential and commercial projects around the globe.

With showrooms in London and New York, Mediterraneo consistently rewrites the rule book on the possibilities in finish, scale and complexity of form.

Continually challenging the preconceptions associated with the age-old tradition of Venetian glassblowing, Mediterraneo maintains a lasting respect for Murano’s heritage of light and colour and ethos of craftsmanship.

Call 020 7720 6556 for more information. Website: www.mediterraneodesign.com

mediterraneo lighting

Besselink and Jones' new collection offers an unexpected twist

Besselink & Jones have launched a select collection of unusual pieces which reflect a growing consideration in choosing pieces for the home.

Whilst being traditionally manufactured in Besselink & Jones’ brass-turning workshop, these pieces all have a contemporary or unexpected twist sets them apart from other products on the market. Made-to-last using traditional techniques and motifs particularly on the Napoleonic tea-caddies, hark back to the toys of childhood.

The eau-de-nil and sang-de-boeuf caddies are designs from the Besselink & Jones archive which have been rejuvenated for this new collection.

Like many of the newer pieces in the current portfolio, the Hepburn and Big Zed lamps (as seen below) have a masculine and contemporary look.

Besselink lighting

They bring the collection up to date with a fresher feel than the brass floor and wall lights for which Besselink & Jones have become so well known.

Website: www.besselink.com

Sensio wants to tell the world about HD lighting ...

Leading manufacturer of chic energy efficient lighting products, Sensio, is on a mission to tell the world about the latest innovations to its new range.

So what is HD or Higher Definition lighting?

Sensio lighting

Put simply, it is an innovative new lens that is put over each LED diode to create more intense light. The LEDs produce no flickers or noise and importantly they do not radiate UV Rays.

Despite producing a much higher light output than a standard LED, this upgrade is just as energy efficient with fittings running from only 1.65W. Comparatively, the 1.65W LED provides the equivalent light as a 45-50W halogen but with far less energy consumed.

Everyone is trying to watch their budgets, so these lights are great for those looking to save on energy bills. With an impressive longer lifespan of 60,000 hours which is much higher than the average LED, massive savings can be made on replacement lamps.

This is equally another great eco friendly aspect, as fewer replacements results in less landfill. The HD LED 24V Triangle Light with Sensor SE9001HDS pictured above is supplied with a 2.5m LED cable and mini plug and retails from £35.00 including VAT.

Call 0845 0340 780 for more information. Website: www.sensio.co.uk


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