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People in glass houses ... need blinds!

We're a hard to please lot - no sooner does the temperature warm up, then we're moaning about it being too hot and craving a shady haven, while during January we dream of hot summer days in the garden!

There are few better ways of bringing the outside into your home than by building a glass conservatory or extension to add valuable living space. The best conservatories though are those that can be used all year round and therefore maintaining a comfortable temperature is a must.

By adding blinds to your conservatory, such as these roller blinds from Hillarys, you can turn it into anything you want it to be, no matter what the season.

A conservatory needs to be warm and cosy when the sun doesn't shine and cool and relaxing when it does. Choosing the right type of conservatory blinds is vital but it isn't just about functionality. This is where you can get really creative, making sure your conservatory is not only just a great place to be, but also totally personalised. From bright, sun-filled spaces to cool, shady places, conservatories need individual attention to transform them into rooms you can really enjoy.

Neat pleated blinds are ideal for conservatory roofs as they are designed to fit awkward shapes perfectly. They can feature sun-reflective backings, keeping excess heat out in the summer and helping to stop warmth escaping in winter. Hillarys new 20mm pleated system enables roof blinds to sit snugly over the glass panes to give a really streamlined appearance which can be operated either manually with a crank or a motorised system.

However, when it comes to the sides, it really is a matter of personal taste and style. Choose from venetians, romans, verticals, pleated or rollers - each have their own unique qualities. Versatile vertical blinds offer enormous control over how much light you filter into your conservatory. When fully drawn they offer privacy whilst softly blocking out the sun's rays and can be neatly pulled to the side when not needed. They can be fitted easily, even to sloping windows.

Make use of Hillarys specialist advisors to select the best blind types and colours to suit you and avoid costly mistakes.

Call 0800 916 6516 for more information. Website: www.hillarys.co.uk


Vienne Silk: a new addition to James Hare's collection

Vienne Silk is a new perfect plain from James Hare.

James Hare have introduced a unique textured silk to their expansive palette of plain fabrics. The "Vienne Silk" has a beautiful rustic look, unusually combined with an elegant, fluid drape, thus making it the most ideal curtain choice.

A sophisticated muted palette range includes lemongrass, tobago, bengal and wine berry.

The addition of this collection strengthens James Hare’s well-deserved reputation as the supplier of beautiful plain silks.

Call 01132 431 204 for more information. Website: www.james-hare.com



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