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Debenhams and The Death of the Single Bed ...

For generations of children and adults alike the single bed holds memories of being tucked up tightly by parents in readiness of a good night's sleep.

But no more - recent sales stats from Debenhams show that this tradition of a single bed is fast coming to an end, as parents and children are opting for the double option over its smaller relative.

For the first time Debenhams now sells twice as many double duvet covers as it does singles. So great is the demand that the retailer is adding larger options of its bedding designed for kids.

Once a rite of passage, the migration from single to double is happening as early as the age of two. The shift in slumber is being influenced, according to Debenhams, by American children's TV programmes, with iCarly, Hannah Montana and Sharpay Evans from High School Musical all having double beds.

It's also acceptable now for pop stars and celebrities to let the TV cameras into their bedrooms in shows like Cribs.

GfK stats echo the Debenhams' findings, as it has reported that sales of single beds have dropped by nine per cent in the last four years. Another factor, suggests the retailer, may be the recession.

As purse strings remain tight more parents are shunning singles and opting for doubles as a way to save on costs and invest in a bed that will last through to adulthood.

"Be it the influence of our American cousins or the recession it certainly looks like we are giving the single bed the cold shoulder", says Alice Duggan, head of home buying for Debenhams.

"Getting your first double was once seen as a rite of passage into adulthood. Now many parents are cutting out the middle stage and going straight from cot to double", she added.

Psychologist Professor Karen Pine from the University of Hertfordshire said: "This is another sign of how the Brits pick up on US trends. Social norms are subtly shifting as a result of what appears on our TV screens. Traditionally, the double bed was the domain of the grown-up, but children nowadays are less willing to wait to have the luxuries that adults have.

"It can also make practical sense for children to have a double bed. Sleepovers are increasingly popular and a double bed makes life easier - no need to put up camp-beds or blow up air-beds. It can also come in handy for accommodating house guests, even if that does mean grandparents sleeping under Disney-themed wallpaper!"

A standard UK single bed measures 3ft x 6ft 3ins whereas a standard double measures 4ft 6 in by 6ft 3in.


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