Brits turn to juicing to beat the bulge -

Brits turn to juicing to beat the bulge

Argos has seen sales of juicers increase year on year by more than 130 per cent recently as Brits jump on the juicing bandwagon to kick start a healthy lifestyle.

Since the beginning of January, Brits have been snapping up juicers and blenders as they aim to increase their five a day through healthy fruit and vegetable juices made at home.

Argos Kitchen Appliances Buyer, Kate Gibson, said: "We noticed this trend starting last year when a documentary called 'Fat Sick and Nearly Dead' became a worldwide hit on Channel 5, showing the benefits of juicing and living a healthy lifestyle. Since then the trend to juice has continued to grow with the likes of juicer advocate Jason Vale with his Juice Master five day juice plan taking the UK by storm.

Also, when you look on Twitter and Instagram, many people are sharing 'Healfies' (Health selfies) and pictures of celebrities enjoying juices and smoothies".

As Brits see the benefits of juicing and choose to juice at home rather than buying pre made from the supermarket, sales of juicers and blenders continue to be strong, with the Argos Cookworks Whole Fruit Juicer seeing sales rise by over 190 per cent year on year.

Kate Gibson added: "From a practical point of view, a fresh juice made at home is a lot easier to take to work, school or on the go rather than lugging a bag of fruit and veg around. Plus many people are finding it more cost effective than buying pricey pre-blended packaged juices and smoothies".


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